The OpScan 6 and OpScan 8 optical mark recognition (OMR) scanner offers fast throughput and data transfer in a durable desktop model. It’s flexible design allows for distributed or centralized processing.

Feature :

  • Single side scanning. Dual-side, reflective read head for faster two-sided document scanning is optional.
  • Read pencil marks from a Computer Answer Sheet (LJK). Ink read heads to scan both pen and pencil marks is optional.
  • A form throughput rate of 3,600 or 5,000 sheets per hour and a fixed, automatic feed hopper holds 300 sheets.
  • OpScan 8 includes an auxiliary output tray (Select Stacker) for sorting documents that fail user-defined edits.
  • The Continuous Self-Diagnostics alerts you when it detects conditions that may affect data accuracy.
  • The Sheet Thickness Detector helps ensure the scanner reads only one sheet at a time.
  • The Sheet-Skew Detection helps ensure proper registration while scanning.
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The iNSIGHT™ 30 from Scantron is an industry exclusive: a desktop model scanner combining high-quality, high-speed, full-color Document Imaging technology with the proven Data Collection capabilities and accuracy of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR). Due to its unique blend of capabilities, the iNSIGHT 30 is well positioned to address demanding applications such as testing, surveys, attendance, grading, student portfolios, personnel records, archival, and general back file conversions.

Feature :

  • Single side scanning.
  • Read both pencil and pen (ink) marks from a Computer Answer Sheet (LJK).
  • A form throughput rate of up to 3,600 sheets per hour and a fixed, automatic feed hopper holds 90 sheets.
  • Read traditional OMR “bubble” marks and capture image clips of text areas or text boxes, such as essay responses on a test or comment fields on a survey.
  • Capture full page images with optical resolution of 600 dpi.
  • Capture and convert written information into digital information with intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology – such as name, address, and identification number.
  • Read checkbox responses, X box responses, and bar codes.
  • Compatible with many existing imaging applications using the included TWAIN driver.
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