The ReLANpro is a software-based media lab that operates via your school’s Local Area Network and offers a suite of features focusing on language training and computer training. Since the ReLANpro is software based, many of the concerns of the IT department and school’s physical plant are eliminated as the system relies on the school’s LAN (computer network) to operate. No special installation procedures are required.

The ReLANpro unique features such as:

Language Lab Program

This is the main function of the reLANpro. First, teachers can see the names of all students who are logged-on and what program(s) they are interacting with. A software-based "virtual recorder" eliminates past generation mechanical recorders. Moreover, students can watch a video and translate the audio track to another language, watch a video and record their answers to a teacher’s questions. Test is easier to do with the reLANpro since students can watch a video and answer a multiple choice test, any or all of the above functions can run simultaneously. Paperless testing is accomplished by sending out a digital file, allowing students to complete the project, then collect the data electronically – no paper is used.

Audio and Visual Pairing

With the click of a button the teacher can pair and group students together for conversational practice. Both fixed and random pairing are available. Paired audio communication can be recorded for later use, playback, and analysis. Visual clues such as facial expressions and body language increase aural comprehension in the target language.

Computer Supervisory System

A complete Computer Supervision System (CSS) using a dual monitor teacher computer, allows the teacher to view any student screen, interact with the student, and take control of the student PC for instructional purposes. Up to 6 student screens can be viewed by the instructor simultaneously. Broadcasting of any students screen to any or all other student screens allows peer to peer instruction. Best point, teacher can restrict (block) students visiting any website or opening any application. Teachers can open applications such as Word™, Excel ™or Power Point™, for one, several, or all students. Transfer digital files to and from one, a group, or all student computers. Transfer of any videos to one, a group, or all student PCs from DVDs, VHS, camera stand, etc.

Audio and Visual Pairing

Making all Windows© based audio and video material suitable for language lab use. Enables two-track recording for instant use, playback and analysis at all times. Numerous varieties, like translating songs or comedies makes language learning fun.ReLANpro is the only digital language lab to over this unique feature. Like audio pairing, these interactions are easily recorded to create a digital file.