With the Scantron Score™, instructors can accurately score 30 to 40 tests per minute then immediately determine how students performed. Item analysis capabilities determine how many students missed each question, which helps define the validity of a test, as well as identify any study areas that need additional emphasis. The scanner also offers the ability to have the correct answer printed next to the wrong answer, which enables students to perform independent review of their errors.

Feature :

  • Single side scanning.
  • Read pencil marks from a Computer Answer Sheet (LJK).
  • A form throughput rate of up to 40 sheets per minutes and a fixed, automatic feed hopper holds 30 sheets.
  • Scores up to 100 questions (multiple choice, true/false, matching) in a single pass. Prints an error mark or correct answer next to wrong answers. Prints the total number of wrong answers as a raw score or percentage and raw score.
  • Combines a score from an objective-based test with results of a performance-based assignment into one raw or percentage score.
  • Re-scores tests and prints adjusted score.
  • Prints an item analysis to identify weak items and skills needing review.

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