To be the most skillful and trusted information technology provider in Indonesia, mainly in the area of scoring and scanning solution, e-learning implementation, and computer cloud networking.


  • Endlessly developing the best innovation and embracing the latest technology in our product and services.
  • Continuously upgrading the delivered values for our client and stake holder through work professionalism.
  • Relentlessly building a strong business partners network to accelerate the distribution of information technology in Indonesia.


  • Computer Networking and Data Center Solution.
  • Scanning Solution & Scanning Services.
  • Document Management Solution.
  • BYOD Classroom management solution
  • Digital Language Lab Construction.


SKILL ICT Solutions established in 1983 as one of the pioneer in introducing various information and communication technology (ICT) product or services in Indonesia. The company’s name PT. SKILL is stood for Sumber Komputer Ilmu Luhur. Initially, the main business was the distributor of main frame computer, Storage Master: Main diskette and disk pack for computers, and OMR (Optical Mark Reader) Scanner.

Since then, we had expanded our business into distributorship for international brand Personal Computer, a retail operation for IT supplies and accessories, and networking system integrator services.

As the time passed by, PT. SKILL also built business partnerships in several big cities in Indonesia. Currently, we are represented in Semarang, Surabaya, and in Bandung. We collaborate with each other to provide the best customers support that is tailored to the local needs.

Has been an expert in the e-scoring and e-filling solutions and networking services, starting in 2011, we added various e-Learning products into our portfolio of expertize to help education and training institutions in Indonesia modernizing their learning process.

Today, we also ready to help educations, governments and private companies dealing with time consuming digitizing projects by providing high quality and high speed automatic scanning solutions for books and bounded documents that are need to be preserved and integrated into a cloud database.